In high school, we took an overnight trip for one of my classes. There was a boy in my class whom I was developing feelings for, so I made sure we sat by each other on the ride home. He was nice and flirty, and we started to cuddle under a blanket in the back seat. Happy and content, I started to fall asleep on his shoulder.

As I began to drift off, his hands began to wander. I pretended to be asleep and shifted my position, thinking it had been a mistake. After a few minutes, he—this time, more deliberately—began to grope me. I was so shocked and embarrassed, I pretended to be asleep as he continued. I didn't want to cause a scene and confront him right there. All of the other kids would judge me for being foolish enough to get groped. I would be mortified.

Eventually he stopped, but I was terrified he would start again. Mentally holding my breath, I waited a safe amount of time and "woke up." I'm disgusted thinking about it now—the fact that he'd do that to me while I was asleep. I pretended I didn't know and I never told anyone. I was too embarrassed, because I was afraid to stand up for myself in front of the other students.