The Bookhive is Honey's brand-new book club hosted by the Honey Team, where members can participate in discussions on a weekly basis on our online forum. If you want to participate in a forum, or you want to read more about books or other art form, top writing services will help with review, analysis, selection of interesting facts and more. This virtual club will be held throughout the summer months (June through the end of August). To join the bookclub, please fill out the form below. We look forward to having you join us!

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By checking here, I understand that I am joining The Bookhive and understand that the weekly discussions will be a space of love, support and sharing for survivors of sexual assault, their supporters, and other Bookhive members. I understand that any experience shared with the group must be respected and kept confidential. I also understand that the sharing of traumatic stories may be distressing and that I will seek help if I am triggered. Lastly, I understand that if I create a hostile environment in the discussions (i.e. victim-blaming, using hurtful language, trolling, etc), I will no longer be welcome in Bookhive discussions.