I was 18, and had just started college when I went on a double date with my best friend's boyfriend's friend. It was a blind date for me, I had never met this friend before. We went out to eat and then back to the boys' house to watch a movie when my friend and her boyfriend decided to go upstairs. My date and I awkwardly watched the rest of the movie when he asked me to go upstairs too. I told him I was a virgin and that I would not go upstairs to have sex with him. He said he respected that and led me to his room. He started kissing me and I kept reminding him that I would not have sex with him (I was okay with the kissing). He kept saying that it was fine and that we didn't need to have sex. 

It was getting late and we had just been talking when I decided to go check on my friend. She had driven driven and I was ready to leave, but when I got to the room, they were asleep. I woke my friend and she angrily told me to just go to sleep too, and that we would leave in the morning. Back to his room I went. We laid in the bed and I told him I didn't want to do anything but sleep. He, once again, said he respected that, and he seemed genuine.

I had worn a dress that day and, to my horror, I was awoken in the middle of the night to him on top of me and inside of me. I was half asleep and so confused. By the time I could realize what he was doing, he had finished inside of me. It happened so fast. He turned to me afterwards and asked, "Are you in the pill?" When I told him I wasn't, because I was still a virgin and was saving myself for marriage, he then replied, "Well, you need to take care of that then," referring to the Plan B pill. I was traumatized and hurt, I ran in crying to my best friend and we left. I was so embarrassed to tell anyone, so I wouldn't report it.

He took the one pure thing I had left. He stole it away, and I am filled with so much regret. I am 24 now, and hope that with more time I will completely heal.