I greatly appreciate your reminders of the importance of speaking your truth. And even more, I appreciate all of the survivors who share their truths. I facilitate a support group for women of domestic violence. Most have experienced sexual assault. As I provide a safe culture to share, I remind them of the power of releasing pain and beginning the healing process with the words they bravely share. The Honey website and Instagram account provide a way for survivors to express and gain strength from reading others testimonials on their road to healing. Keep up the good work!
— Brenda S.
Big shout out to Honey for helping me be more aware. Each truth touches me and makes me want to do more to put an end to this terrible thing.
— Garth F.
Honey has been a huge blessing in my life. Through the Truths shared on the website I was able to feel connected and understood by so many other people. Even though I didn’t know any of these people I could feel their pain and was able to finally identify with other people in similar situations. It gave me hope along with the support and the encouragement that I needed to finally be open about my own assault. To see so many in the different stages of healing I could understand my own journey. When I finally shared my own Truth I felt relief for the first time in so long. Having the support system that Honey provided has helped me to move even further in my healing than I thought possible. Thank you for all you do.
— Lexie G.
Honey has impacted me more than I thought it would! Being able to see posts from them on my social media gives me hope and shows that I’m not alone and that there are people who I don’t know who believe me and care and show support to my story has been so amazing and given me courage. Being able to read other survivors’ stories helps me have compassion and hope and connection. On the same note, having my truth shared opened doors for me that I cannot wait to enter! It really helped people reach out to me for support and questions or just to tell me I helped them. So grateful for Honey!
— Miquelle L.
I have attended many Honey events, one being a Survivors Dinner. It was a time and place where survivors could learn from each other and grow together. A place where you can feel safe, and understood. I will never forget the testimonies shared and the feelings I had during the whole thing. In the world of my assault these events have been milestones, and crucial to my grown.
— Anna O.

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