Honey's Ambassador Program is designed for university students interested in bringing Honey clubs to their campuses and communities. Prior to filling out the following application, please review Honey's guidelines and requirements below.

Becoming a Honey Ambassador is an exciting opportunity to engage in advocacy work in the field of sexual violence prevention and survivorship. Leading a Honey chapter includes, but is not limited to, community outreach, hosting awareness campaigns, film screenings, forums, discussion groups and socials, and working closely with Honey's Campus Director.

As an Ambassador, running a successful Honey club will require 5-10 hours per week of your time, and chapters are required to meet together at least once a month. Certain campuses require that clubs or chapters be approved through the college or university's administration. Honey Ambassadors are responsible for researching and understanding their respective campus' club requirements. All events hosted or endorsed by a Honey chapter must be approved through Honey's Campus Director. Ambassadors are required to submit monthly reports on the status of their chapter, and should feel free to reach out to Honey's Campus Director for support at any time. 

Respecting privacy and confidentiality is a key component of successful work in the field of sexual violence survivorship. As a representative of Honey, all Ambassadors are expected to maintain a strict code of confidentiality in the case of an individual's disclosure at any Honey-related event or interaction.

Failure to abide by the guidelines and requirements set forth by the Honey Organization may result in the termination of the Honey Chapter.

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