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"I have attended many Honey events, one being a Survivors Dinner. It was a time and place where survivors could learn from each other and grow together. A place where you can feel safe, and understood. I will never forget the testimonies shared and the feelings I had during the whole thing. In the world of my assault these events have been milestones, and crucial to my growth."

- Anna


"I am one to rationalize and invalidate my experiences, therefore I was nervous from the time I had signed up. I had never attended an event where 15 people chose to be so vulnerable and open up about the darkness in their past. However, I felt so much light. Sexual violence sequestered me into a corner: feeling invalid, alone, and unworthy. Through this opportunity, I got to feel like I belonged. my feelings were validated and even explained. I wasn't alone; I wasn't unworthy. Taylor, Taylor, and Tallis have genuinely kind and welcoming hearts which provided a safe and hopeful place. I felt honored to be involved with such powerful, resilient women and their journey's of healing. The connection I felt is unlike any other feeling I have had, especially in a room full of people I had met hours before. I felt empowered to take courage and fight the good fight just a little bit longer. I felt encouraged. I felt heard. I felt loved. I hope anyone who gets an opportunity to take part in this, will! Just bring tissues, and waterproof mascara."

- Tori


"The survivors dinner i attended was more than I could have ever expected."

- Kristen


"The survivors dinner I attended was such a special gift that I will remember forever. Meeting so many inspiring people and hearing their stories has helped me and it will stay with me forever. It was exactly what I needed."

- Jordan


"I had an unforgettable night with the other survivors and the founders of Honey. I was able to bring a friend of mine who was also a survivor. We both grew so much in knowledge, as well as appreciation towards Honey and what it stands for. I was able to gain more confidence in myself, as well as direction in my life at this time and what I need to do to move forward. If it wasn't for this dinner, I would still be lost, and afraid to speak out.

- Anonymous


"I have never attended any event specified for sexual assault survivors until the Survivors Dinner. I was anxious, not knowing what to expect, but shouldn't have been because it was an incredible evening. From the moment I entered, I felt seen and valued. It was set up beautifully and made me feel special. As the night continued on, I felt empowered by the other survivors as they shared their experiences and while the events and situations of each individual differed from my own, I was able to see in their stories my own emotions and feelings. I connected to each in a different but profound way. I felt blessed to be in the presence of each person and honored to hear their journey through trauma. I connected. I was seen. I was heard and valued. I would tell anyone to go if they get a chance and I thank Honey for organizing such a powerful event!"



"I was unfamiliar with Honey, until about a month before the survivors dinner. An intuitive friend (who had never heard my experiences) asked me to accompany her, and I agreed. She was running late, and so I arrived alone and nervous. I had no idea what to expect, and when I first sat down, I thought, "There's no way I'm saying a word among all of these strangers." Within only minutes, though, I was put completely at ease. Things that were shared resonated so deeply within me. Parts of me that I never knew needed healing were healed. The shame that so frequently tries to engulf me was silenced, and instead I felt empowered to speak openly. There is an indescribable power in being able to speak your truth to others who understand so deeply. Our souls connected, and my usually lonely truth, lost some of its power over me. I am so grateful for the connection I now share with these survivors. I now have a safe place to share whenever I need. It was humbling to be the recipient of the incredible effort, goodwill, and service that went into this dinner, and I will be forever grateful for this incredible organization and the work they do."

- Nicole