Taylor Jarman and Taylor Rippy Monson | September 3, 2016


Yesterday was a grim day for so many survivors, knowing that Brock walked away from incarceration a mere three months after entering—an unfathomably short sentence for the heinous and inexcusable crime of rape. The injustice in this man's sentencing and treatment is, to say the least, deeply disheartening—on an institutional and personal level. It reiterates and showcases the reasons why so many survivors don't take their assailants to court.

Our hearts collectively break knowing he didn't serve the time he should have, knowing his privilege and his race played into his lenient sentence, knowing his father—someone who raised him—didn't encourage him to own up to his actions, to be honest, and pay the price for the severe damage he'd done, and knowing that he is, as of yesterday, free. After the intense media coverage of your case against Brock and your letter to him going viral, the conversation surrounding the assault you survived has been vast and far-reaching. We've read countless articles, watched countless videos, and witnessed enumerable people throughout the world express outrage at the justice that has not been served. And we're glad the world is paying attention, but that is not why we're writing you.

While the video of Brock walking out of jail goes viral, and people of all backgrounds and beliefs comment on the unspeakable truth of his new-found freedom, we can't help but think about you. What you experienced, and the ensuing case that followed, fuel the fire of our commitment to support and protect survivors of sexual violence in any way possible. We are so deeply grateful for your courage, your strength, and your willingness to speak your Truth to a world where many don't understand, and won't understand, the horror of rape, the depravity of victim-blaming and the destructive, dangerous culture of rape that pervades our society. You are strong, you are heroic, and your voice is transforming the landscape of justice.

We believe (in) you.

In solidarity,

Taylor Jarman and Taylor Rippy Monson

Co-founders, Honey

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